The Principles of Sustainable Interior Design

Thanks to the ever-growing need to conserve the environment, sustainability is becoming widely adopted in every field, even in interior design. As we continue taking an interest in the environment and different ways to save it, more and more people are opting for sustainable interior design for their homes.

Homeowners across the world are now aiming at using the five sustainability principles in their home’s interior design. Here are the five principles.

Principle 1: Design with Energy Efficiency in Mind

This principle seeks to focus on developing an interior design that is energy efficient or that uses renewable energy. Energy consumption is a leading factor that negatively impacts climate change and environmental degradation.

Energy-efficient designs will reduce the emission of greenhouse gas. It will also significantly reduce the amount of electricity and heat used around the household, saving the homeowner money.

Principle 2: Focus on Designs with Low Environmental Impact

Did you know that most homes are built using inorganic building materials? The second principle aims to design a house using low environmental impact material such as natural stone or bamboo.

To enhance sustainability, you can now use non-polluting and toxic-free products with a low environmental impact. Choose material responsibility considering their extraction, processing, and disposal.

Principle 3: Aim At a Waste Reduction with Your Design

Rather than merely designing focusing on current trends, always choose sustainable and reusable materials. Recyclable building materials are now being used to build more sustainable homes with modern designs.

Principle 4: Design for Flexibility and Durability

Every homeowner wants durable material which they can easily remodel if need be to match the latest trend. With new technology popping up frequently, you don’t need to compromise the aesthetics of your home for sustainability.

There are numerous stylish and durable sustainable designs. For example, you can use nontoxic dyes or Paper Stone products that are 100% recycled.

Principle 5: Design Homes That Boost a Healthy Environment

People are spending more time indoors. Therefore, interior designers are tasked with designing homes with comfortable and beautiful home interiors that are healthy.

A healthy home environment means better quality air, ensuring more natural light in the house, and using less volatile organic material around the home.

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