How to choose a shoe cabinet

In the modern era, everyone owns at least three or four pairs of shoes. Maintaining your shoes in your room can be a hustle without a shoe cabinet. Shoe cabinets come in different sizes, styles, and designs depending on your space and storage required. It is also the central organizing point of your room.

There are different shoe cabinet designs, namely,

  • open shelving design. It is the right choice if you are looking for a less obstructive setup that will conserve space and provide an available display.
  • The hutch design has cabinetry or shelving that is stacked atop horizontal counter space.
  • Freestanding and the fully fitted shoe cabinets. The freestanding ones are the most common. They are easily portable.

Don’t let messy shoes in your room spoil your groom; when choosing the best shoe cabinet, consider:

The material and finish

The material and finish of the cabinet is an important aspect when choosing your shoe cabinet. Shoe cabinets are available in different materials such as solid wood, plastic, etc… A unique shoe cabinet should match the rest of the furniture in the room. Different shoe cabinets are made up of other materials. Some are made up of wood and plywood that is long-lasting. Stands made from wood are heavy. Wood cabinets remain stable even people run by them. Other stands are made up of metal which is also durable, but they are usually not so stable. The material will determine the life usage of the cabinet.

The size

Consider the size of the cabinet and the size of the space available in your room. The cabinet should not take up too much room space. Size should help you also with portability. Big-sized cabinets are difficult to move around but are recommended to maximize storage space. Big sized cabinets for the ladies will maintain your high heels.

Your cabinet will help you match your shoes, maintain an organized room and prevent your shoes from ending up in your dog’s mouth. When it comes to classic shoe cabinets ( Tylko has one of the world’s best cabinets. Visit for more inspiration on shoe cabinets.